The purpose of our Society is to contribute to mental, physical, and spiritual development of youth to make then complete and perfect human being through scouting/guidi.

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History of Scouting & Guiding

What Is Scouting > In our opinion Scouting is not only a physical exercise but it is a way to uplift the soul of a human being to reach to god. It is a play way method of building a person to a perfect humanbeing from the childhood to the time of going home of god. Once a Scout always Scout.

Origin of Scouting Guiding > originally Scout word is taken from Military. Military of every Country has Scout wing. A retired top British Military officer named Sir Robert Stephenson Smyth Lord Baden Powell won famous boar war of South Africa with the assistance of boys of Military person in 1900. He wrote a book named “ Aid’s to Scouting”.